Make F&I a Profit Center With more funding options & higher gross per boat.

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Upgrade your F&I services through a partnership with Dealership Advantage.

When a boat dealership offers F&I services, that dealership sells more boats, more quickly. And they make more profit on the deal. Many boat dealerships want to offer F&I but just can’t dedicate the resources for a full-time F&I person. You might have a F&I manager — but is your F&I process optimized across your business? We can help.

Dealership Advantage is proud to offer stand-alone F&I Services to boat dealers across America; combined with our Finance module, you get a one partner solution for maximizing your F&I business.

Why outsourcing your F&I services can be game-changing for your bottom line.

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It’s easier

We take care of everything, from the credit application to rate comparison, customer communication, and setting payment terms.

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it’s faster

Not just for the customer, but for your dealership. In most cases, you can add Dealership Advantage F&I services to your dealership in less than thirty days and as little as seven.

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It’s more profitable

F&I from Dealership Advantage gives your dealership a new and lucrative revenue stream, with an increase in finance penetration and customer-protection products. It also helps you weather those months with lower boat sales.

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It helps sell more boats

We all know the best place to sell a boat is on the boat — and the worst place is probably in a Bank Manager’s office. With F&I from Dealership Advantage, you maintain deal momentum, moving prospects seamlessly from deciding to buy to setting terms.

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You see funding faster

By speeding up the finance process, you reduce the time between the handshake and the bank deposit.

The clear advantage isDealership Advantage.

Our dealer communication is top-notch.

If you’ve used an external source for F&I Services, you’ve probably experienced sluggish response times, vague assurances, and uncomfortable gaps in communication. At Dealership Advantage, we take a different approach. Your dealership will know exactly what’s going on with the deal at every step of the process. You’ll get updates in near-time or real-time, sent directly to your smartphone. We like to say, “the best surprise is no surprise.” You won’t be making — or receiving — a blizzard of phone calls and emails simply to get financing in place.

Our customer service is superb.

Dealership Advantage F&I Service is fantastic for dealers, but for the customer, it’s even better. We combine digital speed and accuracy with white glove customer service to make a very big purchase decision, a very easy one.

Our finance sources are exceptional.

Because of our platform, history, and reputation, we have access to the best banks and the best rates on the market. Our finance partners are just one more factor making Dealership Advantage F&I Services faster and more efficient for everyone involved.

Our technology is world-class.

Technology is what sets Dealership Advantage apart. Our industry-leading expertise and experience fuel our communication, process management, and results.

We do business on the customer’s terms.

Buying a boat is, in many ways, like buying a home. It improves your quality of life, the cost is high, and the loan takes time to repay. Based on the customer and the boat, we offer finance terms as long as twenty years, so your customers can enjoy a bigger, better boat for years and years to come.

What our customers are saying.

“After signing up with Dealership Advantage, our sales numbers across the country have nearly doubled. This is due to being able to keep our customers in-house and allowing the Dealership Advantage team to tailor to their specific financial needs.”

BRYAN, General Manager

“I wouldn’t want to work with anyone other than Dealership Advantage when it comes to finance. They’re extremely knowledgeable and professional, making my job easier and our customers’ experience enjoyable.”

MATT, Sales

“We started using Dealership Advantage F&I at the beginning of 2021 and haven’t looked back. Their around-the-clock support, communication, and urgency in getting deals done is second to none. We’ve not only earned more deals; our finance profitability has nearly doubled year over year.”

KENNY, General Manager

“Dealership Advantage has been a huge benefit to our business. The interface is super easy to interact with and everything is intuitive. The tools and reporting functions make it easy to make strategic decisions on the fly.”

REUEL, Sales

“Dealership Advantage financing has been a game-changer for our dealership. They’ve gone above and beyond making sure our deals close fast and work through complications, at the best rate, always keeping us up to speed.”

WESLEY, Sales Manager

“Having worked closely with Dealership Advantage over the last 6+ years, I am consistently impressed with their ability to provide a comprehensive and fun experience for our customers seeking financing for their boat purchase.”

NEIL, Sales

All it takes to get started is a phone call.

All of this might sound too good to be true. It *is* true, and if you’re at all interested in offering F&I to your customers, you owe it to them — and to yourself — to take a serious look at stand-alone F&I dealer services from Dealership Advantage.

Let’s get on a quick call. We can talk about how your dealership handles F&I today and how much better it can be with Dealership Advantage.