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Dealership Advantage is the next-generation, cloud-based software platform that can significantly improve your operations to save your dealership time and make your dealership money. With manufacturing constraints and supply chain disruptions, you can't just rely on unit sales to keep your dealership profitable.

With the Dealership Advantage ROI Calculator, you can see the potential impact of improving ALL of your operations. Sure, sales have a role, but so do Service, Parts, Warranty, and Rentals and Storage.

Marine dealerships of any size can use the Dealership Advantage ROI Calculator. It provides an estimated ROI based on industry standards and the performance of dealerships that already use our platform.

If you like what you see — and we're sure that you will — we can provide more information about how our platform can reduce time and increase revenue.

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Answer a series of questions about your dealership and enter your email, our ROI Calculator will show you the estimated impact that our platform can have on your profitability.

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